You’ve been dreaming of traveling the world for what feels like forever.

You’ve invested more time and effort than you ever thought possible, and still can’t figure out how to make traveling affordable because your kids still need braces, you can’t imagine spending time away from your family and Expedia deals really aren’t that cheap.

If you’ve ever dreamt of re-inventing everything and relaxing on a beach, exploring new parts of the world without cashing out your 401K then you’re in the right place.

Whether you’re an overworked career woman, an empty nester who’s ready to live her best life or a Mom who dreams of a little break, I’ve got the golden-key to your travel dreams.


I’m Charisse Palmer and I’m a Travel Consultant. I help people just like you travel the world.

We think we know about the world but we have no ideas until we see, feel, experience the world for ourselves.


I’ve spent years honing my craft. I’ve been traveling for a long time and on a budget. I am a Mom of three fabulous girls and learned how to get to where I needed to go on without going broke. I want to share all that I know and share with you how to travel.

When you work with me you’ll:

Create new experiences that no one can take from you...

Come home with a beautiful story to tell about the world around you...

And do it all without breaking the bank.


As a Travel Consultant, my philosophy is that everyone deserves to explore the world, traveling gives us new perspective and freedom and everyone should be have access to traveling.

You may not know how to go about it, or have the international connections-- Or know where to start...


But I do.


I provide an easy, convenient and affordable travel experience for you.

You’re ready to go after your dreams + I’m here to show you how.

Let's book your trip today.